8 Business Principles

1. Integrity (foundation of enterprise)

Integrity is the primary principle which everyone in RC should adhere to, and regards as the foundation for the existence and survival of an enterprise.

2. Three criteria

Being ethical

Being law-abiding

Being professional

3. Customer first

We consider that customers’ interests always come first, which applies at all times.

4. Being strategic

It is impossible to succeed in a specific domain without overall planning. We deem long-term strategies as a type of assets, and base our differentiated services for each client on strategic perspectives.

5. Differentiation

Since establishment, we have always positioned ourselves as a provider of non-replicable and customized financial services by catering to clients’ differentiated needs.

6. Innovation

We pay great attention to the cultivation of our team’s creativity and innovation capability, as we deeply understand that only by integrating expertise, rigor and creativity into customized financial services can we maximize customers’ interests.

7. Confidentiality

We think it a basic duty of ours to keep customer information confidential, the breach of which is unforgivable.

8. Being talent-centered

We believe that only the best talents can help customers achieve the most. Our rigorous recruitment system and unique talent cultivation mechanism can best guarantee talent quality; meanwhile, we attach great importance to individual development, common growth and mutual accomplishment with talents.

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